Camille Holmes

Camille Holmes is an equine photographer in Upstate NY. She has spent her life around horses and they occupy many aspects of her life. As a child she grew up riding horses at her grandparents farm, Homespun Morgan. Her grandparents instilled with her the meaning of the farm's name through lessons on horse care and training. As a teen she trained and showed her horses alongside her sister including Homespun Commandment One, Homespun Lady Lyon, Homespun Top Note, and Homespun Tenn High.

During high school she picked up a love for photography, which stays with her today. Following high school she studied biology at SUNY Potsdam and dove into the world of dressage and eventing. Her summers were spent conducting research in equine genetics with a focus on genetic diversity contributing to immune response.

Camille is currently a PhD candidate at Cornell University studying equine immunology and infectious disease. Her research focuses on the mucosal immune response to Equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) a highly prevalent respiratory pathogen of the horse. Outside of her work she enjoys riding her Homespun Morgans and taking every opportunity to have a camera in her hand.