Camille Holmes

I have spent my life around horses and they occupy many aspects of my day to day.  As a child I grew up riding horses at my grandparents farm, Homespun Morgans. My grandparents instilled in me the meaning of the farm's name, through lessons on horse care and training. As a teen I trained and showed my horses alongside my sister including Homespun Commandment One, Homespun Lady Lyon, Homespun Top Note, and Homespun Tenn High. During high school I picked up a love for photography, which stays with me today. 

I am currently a PhD candidate at Cornell University studying equine immunology and infectious disease. My research focuses on the mucosal immune response to Equine herpesvirus type 1 (EHV-1) a highly prevalent respiratory pathogen of the horse. Photography gives me an awesome chance to connect with the people and horses that my science aims to serve. Outside of my work I enjoy riding my Homespun Morgans and taking every opportunity to have a camera in my hand.  

Business Approach

My goal for Homespun Photography was to capture both the performance and candid moments of people with their horses. I am a one woman operation and I have chosen to prioritize rapid turn around and affordable pricing, keeping editing to a minimum.